Why would I choose HCMS to manage my hotel?

The Management team of HCMS has managed hotels & resorts for more than 30 years and is covering all departments of the hotel operation. We have been successful in increasing revenues, managing gross operating profit and net operating profit. Our management team has been proven to achieve and deliver superior results in the hospitality industry and achieves high scores in guest satisfaction and retention.

The team has understanding and knowledge of the actual situation in the Portuguese hospitality industry  and has proven to be also successful in times of economical recession by adapting the strategies on time towards the reality by being pro-active and using the skills of each team member in the decision making process.HCMS works as your partner consistently in making decisions that are both strategic and tactical to benefit your business. Our team truly has a passion to make a difference in the hospitality industry, and we take pride in the relationships we have developed. 

What sets HCMS apart from the other hotel management companies?

Do you provide a la carte services to the hotel industry?

In order to provide the optimum results, we advise our clients that our Management Services contract should include all of the services mentioned. However we are always willing to discuss other options.

We offer the option of a flat Management Services fee per month or the normal industry standard of a percentage of gross revenues and GOP, depending the services required.

What are the Management Services contract costs?

Why is HCMS able to stay competitive in this economic environment?

HCMS remains competitive by proactively aligning our Sales, Revenue Management, Marketing and Operations strategies with the market demand. We are working under the motto “Out of the box thinking requires out of the box doing”, our strategies are based upon continuous innovation and being always ahead of our competitors.

The hotels managed by the HCMS management team have consistently been among the market leaders in our geographic comp sets. 

How are your hotels performing in comparison to their comp sets?

What is the culture and/or management style of HCMS?

The HCMS team are successful hospitality managers with experience on executive hospitality management level, all with their own specialties and skills whom decided to bring their knowledge together in HCMS to serve our clients, we believe that the hospitality industry needs a continuing boost in pro-active acting, innovative thinking and dynamic management, to solve unsolved problems innovatively.

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